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I was washing dishes today when I looked up and saw the ground hog munching away. It reminded me of my parents' house and how I grew up. We always had ground hogs living on the property (two acres surrounded by woods). Occasionally we'd spot foxes, pheasants, hawks, owls, migratory birds and mallard ducks in the swimming pool. It's funny that whenever I visit my mom, she and my sister have  to tell me about the most unusual bird they've seen recently. The ultimate for my mom is hummingbirds. This caused a frenzy in our house once while we were eating dinner. My dad suddenly stood up while pointing. We thought he was having a heart attack. Turns out there was a hummingbird at the backdoor attracted to the red flower on the wreath.


I'm over at noble_oni 's house.  

Apr. 3rd, 2007

In an previous post, it was suggested that mikekn could be thomas_delbroc's evil twin [dun dah DAH!] After two nominations, it now comes to a vote. So what do you think?

mikekn is in fact thomas_delbroc's evil twin.

I don't know them well enough to make such a crass statement.

Jan. 9th, 2007

Pennsic Photos

I was reminded by a friend's lj entry that I was going to post the following Pennsic photos.

This shower stall was painted by Lady Edana Alys Hawkins, Shire of Coppertree, Aethelmearc. I like this angle because you can see the propane tank. Like many of us, Edana has really enjoyed the new series. Unlike many of us, she felt the need to show her enthusiasm with a couple of tattoos.

Her other tattoo is the Seal of Rascalon on her upper arm which does look really cool. (I cringe when I think of someone going through the process of getting one.)
I need to get a fencing icon. I'll use the star sapphire because I have one inlaid in my Poppinjay epee.

I've been meaning to write about practice on Wednesday. There were only a few of us, so that meant we got more attention from Ian (less people = less distractions). Yay!

I started with parry drills in the corner. Ian had suggested that once as a mental as well as physical warm up. Then he had Lilia, Merrick and I do footwork drills. I found out that I don't react well to someone lunging at me. Both times it happened my mind went "GAH!" and I have no idea what my feet did. Of course by that time we had an audience. That never helps. I think my self-conscienceness is my biggest problem.

I fought buckler against Merrick. Fighting him is always fun. I fought Ian and we both had buckler. So Ian did his usual teaching/fencing. At the end of it he told me that I looked really comfortable with an overhead en guarde. I love buckler. It makes me feel protected so that I can try different en guardes.

Anyway I feel like this was a breakthrough. w00t! \m/
Today's one of those days where I'm real-l-l-l-ly tired,  so everything is getting on my nerves. I want to go spaz out on people in the next department like the bellhop in "High Anxiety" (HERE'S YOUR PAPER!!!!)


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